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There are hundreds of legitimate castles in the world. And there are scores of them still in use which is a wonderful thing. Some of them are available for tourism where you can visit them. And some of these castles that are still in use are now available for you to stay at in some form or other. It makes for a wonderful overnight, weekend or week long adventure.

While unwinding on a vacation you can also step back in time and stay at one of these magnificent castles. Here is my list of them.

There is also this wonderful class of castles called "Self Catering" That means you can rent the whole castle and do it yourself in terms of food, service etc. I think something like this is simply wonderful. Imagine renting a real castle for a week and hosting a party, wedding or a re-enactment.

A Castillo, a Castello, a Chateau, a Schloss a Castle!

As I was doing my research I discovered that there are a whole lot of countries that have these kinds of converted castles. Wow! This gives you lots of options for travel and accommodations.


Camelot Castle - Tintagel

First off I wanted to mention one in particular. It is based not on the country or travel in particular. It is based on the legend of King Arthur. Tintagel is the place and castle where Arthur is purportedly to have been born. Granted the whole story is a... legend. It would be just kind of cool to stay at a castle right near that place (Castle Ruins Tintagel). I have an article about this right here.


This following matrix of 68 different castles can all actually be booked through one agency. You can follow the link to learn more about each castle.



Ackergill Tower
Amhuinnsuidhe castle
Barcaldine castle
Barony Castle
Castle Levan
Comlongon Castle
Corsewall Lighthouse
Culcreuch castle
Culzean Castle
Dalhousie Castle
Dalmunzie Castle
Fenton Tower
Glengorm Castle
Inverlochy Castle
Kincraig Castle
Kinnettles Castle
Mansfield Castle
Melville castle
Stobo Castle
Stonefield Castle
Traquair Castle
Tulloch Castle


Augill Castle
Bath Lodge Castle
Bovey Castle
Brackenhill Castle
Carr Hall Castle
Caverswall Castle
Coombe Abbey
Eastnor Castle
Langley Castle
Lumley Castle
Swinton Park Castle
The Citadel
Thornbury Castle
Walworth Castle



Ashford castle
Ballynahinch Castle
Balyportry castle
Ballyseede castle
Barberstown castle
Belle Isle Castle
Cabra Castle
Castle Leslie
Cloghan Castle
Clontarf Castle
Dromoland Castle
Fanningstown castle
Fitzpatrick Castle
Killahara castle
Lisheen Castle
Lough Cutra Castle
Lough Eske Castle
Turin Castle



Roch Castle
Ruthin Castle


Chateau D'Audrieu
Chateau de Bagnols
Chateau de Codignat
Chateau de Jallanges
Chateau de la Barre
Chateau de Mercues
Chateau de Montcaud
Chateau de Montvillargenne
Chateau Les Crayeres
Dunderry Castle



Here is a list of Scottish Castles that are not on the previous list. You can learn more about each of these by visiting

  • Culzean Castle (Brewhouse flat)
  • Broomhall castle
  • Bunchrew House hotel - Inverness
  • Cambo house
  • Carberry Tower
  • Castle Hotel Huntly
  • Caste of Park - Glenluce
  • Chauffeur's Apartment Lochinch Castle (Self catering)
  • Cornhill House Hotel
  • Cringletie House Hotel
  • Culcreuch Castle Hotel
  • Dornoch castle hotel
  • Duchray Castle
  • DunDas Castle
  • Duns Castle
  • Duntrune House
  • Fonab Castle hotel
  • Glenapp castle
  • Glenardoch House
  • Glengorm Castle
  • Isle of Eriska Hotel Benderloch
  • Kildrummy Castle Hotel
  • Kincraig Castle Hotel
  • Kinnettles Castle
  • Liberton Tower
  • Melville Castle
  • Mercure Barony Castle Hotel and Spa
  • Muckrach Castle
  • North Segganwell - Culzen Castle
  • North west Castle Hotel - Stranraer
  • Prestonfield - Edinburgh
  • Baemoir House Hotel - Banchory
  • The Mansion House of Kirkhill
  • The Retreat Castle - Bonnyrigg
  • The tower at Farside Estate
  • Torrisdale Castle Estate
  • Tower of Hallbar
  • Traqauair
  • Tulloch Castle Hotel - Dingwall


  • Castle Hotel Colmberg
  • Castle Hotel Hugenpoet
  • Castle Sababurg
  • Castle Hotel auf Schonburg
  • Castle Hotel Liebenstein
  • Castle Hostel Stahleck
  • Schloss Sommersdorf, Bavaria


  • Castello Ripa D'Orcia
  • Castello Valenzano
  • Hotel Castello di Spaltenna
  • Castello del Nero
  • Castello di Tornano Dimora Storica
  • Castel Monastero
  • Relais Castel Bigozzi
  • Castello di Potentino
  • Castello di Gargonza -Tuscany
  • Castle of the Four Towers Siena , Italy


  • Ruthin Castle - England
  • Hazlewood Castle England
  • Craig Y Nos Castle = Welsh
  • Peckforton Castle England
  • Balfour Castle England
  • The Castle at Taunton Somerset - England
  • Bovey Castle Devon
  • Tiverton Castle Devon
  • Ryde Castle - Isle of wight
  • Augill Castle - Cumbria
  • Carr Hall Castle - Leeds
  • Langley Castle Hotel Hexham
  • Craster Tower Penthouse Alnwick
  • Tregenna Castle , Cornwall
  • Pentillie Castle ,Cornwall England


Some Other Countries like Spain, Portugal, India, France and the U.S.

  • Parador de Carmona - Andalucia spain
  • Parador de Ciudad Rodrigo - Spain
  • El Castillo de Buen Amor (The Castle of Good Love) Spain
  • Pousada de Obidos - Portugal
  • Neemrana Fort Palace Delhi, India
  • Chateau du Peyruzel , Aquitaine, France
  • The Chateau de Chissay , France
  • Hollywood Castle, LA - USA
  • Wilson Castle - USA
  • Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec
  • Hellifield Peel Castle, England
  • Xara Palace - Malta



  • AIKWOOD TOWER - south of Edinburgh
  • FANNINGSTOWN CASTLE - west Ireland
  • CARR HALL CASTLE - Near Manchester
  • WALTON CASTLE - England
  • CASTLE LACHLAN - Scotland?
  • FORTER CASTLE - Perthsshire


















































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