Castles of New England

If you are a big fan of Castles and you live in the United States you might think you are out of luck. Well, in a certain sense you are out of luck. The most magnificent and impressive castles are elsewhere in the world. And most of them are older than the US. The heyday for castle building was the 13th and 14th centuries. That was when they reached their pinnacle. And that is a few hundred years before the US was officially formed.

But, there are some remarkable castles here in the United States and some of them are in New England where I live. And I have visited some of them and taken pictures. So here are the castles of New England.


Lion and Drawbridge

Hammond Castle. I took a trip to Hammond castle. This is a Gothic Castle with an amazing history and some wonderful stuff inside. Pictures and More.. Inside a Medieval Castle This castle is one of the best that New England has to offer. If you are going to see one castle then i recommend it be this one.



- LuckNow Castle in New Hampshire - Also Known as "The Castle in the Clouds"

It's an interesting little castle nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire and just about 100 years old. I have visited and have some pictures and more information right here: LuckNow Castle


Gillette Castle - A very peculiar castle perched on the bank of the Connecticut River. Mr Gillette made his wealth performing Sherlock Holmes in theather in the 19th Century. See a video and more pictures of Gillette Castle




Kimball Castle Kimball Castle - This is an old and run down castle in New Hampshire. It is purported to be haunted and it looks like people have events or halloween parties in it. There are some interesting archictural things about this castle including a beautiful atrium skylight. Kimball Castle I have pictures of the outside and inside.



More New England Castles:

Wilson Castle - Proctor Vermont - it was built in 1867 and is an authentic English Manor. It is open to the public and it has a variety of interesting activities including ghost hunting. Official website: Wilson Castle

Castle Tucker - Wicasset Maine - 1807 This is really more of a big house or small mansion. It doesn't have the look or shape of a traditional castle. It feels like a whaling captains mansion to me. The house is now owned by Historic New England and is open to visitors Wednesday - Sunday, June 1 - October 15.

Searles Castle - Windham, New Hampshire - Built in 1915. This is a nice looking castle that is now used for business functions, corporate events, and weddings. You can hire the castle for these kinds of things but I don't think it is something that you can just visit and take a look. Official Website: Searles Castle

Wentworth Castle - Jackson New Hampshire - an interesting stone castle built in 1891. It is currently available for vacation rentals and for events like weddings - Official website

Winnikenni Castle - Haverhill, Massachusetts 1873-1875 This is an interesting castle built of stone and looks like a real fortress although is smaller than the originals. Official website

Herreshoff Castle - Marblehead, Massachusetts This is an interesting and unique bed and breakfast that was built as a reproduction of Erik the Red's tenth century Viking castle in Greenland. You arrange for overnight stays. Official website

Belcourt Castle - Newport, RI - This is another Castle that is more of a Lords estate or Manor, maybe even a palace. It epitomizes the wealth of Newport in a past century. Nice place with tours, special events, hosted weddings and more. Official Website Being in Newport it is very accessible from a lot of New England including Providence, Hartford and Boston.

Hazard Castle - Narragansett, RI - This is a beautiful stone work little castle with an imposing main tower. It is up for sale and its future is uncertain. There is an organization trying to save it. Website and more

Saint Clements Castle - Portland, Connecticut - Quite a beautiful and majestic manor house type castle with beautiful red brick and turrets. 1898 It is now available for functions like weddings Official website






































































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