The Castles of Ireland

I just came back from a wonderful trip in Ireland. And the goal of my trip was to see lots of the wonderful castles they have over there. I have lots of pictures and lots of information about lots of those old Irish castles.

Of course I have covered some of the more famous ones like Blarney castle, the Rock of Cashel, Trim Castle and Dublin Castle.

It is terrific that a lot of these castles are still in great shape after all these centuries.

From This page You can click to the individual pages for each castle.


Kilkenny Castle - Beautiful castle in the very old medieval city of Kilkenny. Took a tour bus to the city and there was an arts festival going on. Pretty nice. Kilkenny castle





Blarney Castle - Well, who hasn't heard of the Blarney stone? While It is reputed to give you the gift of talking. Well, I didn't kiss the Blarney stone but I did have some fun exploring the castle and the beautiful grounds around it. Blarney Castle





Malahide Castle - This is a wonderful castle just about 13km north of Dublin. They are renovating it so I couldn't go inside. But got some great pictures of the outside. Malahide Castle





The Rock of Cashel - This is probably the most famous castle in Ireland and it is a must see for any castle enthusiast. The Rock of Cashel





Trim Castle - This is a wonderful castle with a spectacular cruciform Keep (shown in the picture) It is in fantastic shape and many scenes from the movie Braveheart were filmed here. Trim Castle





More Castles in Ireland

Here are some more pictures of castles in Ireland. Just one or two pictures each of places like Bunratty Castle , Dublin Castle and King John's Castle in Limerick. More Castles in Ireland





Castles of Ireland

Castles are the most familiar medieval landmark across the Irish countryside. Their often romantic appearance belies their turbulent history and their lore abounds in stories of sieges, betrayals and daring escapes. From the earliest stone castles such as Dublin Castle to the fortified manor houses such as Red Hugh O'Donnell's Donegal Castle, each has a fascinating and individual story to tell. Castles of Ireland brings the reader on a tour of more than sixty castles, from the biggest and most well-known to dramatic and atmospheric ruins which had a role to play in shaping Ireland's history.





















































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