Castles in America

It might be a little bit of a stretch to talk about castles in America seeing as the great period of castle building predates the country. But we do have some wonderful castles here and a whole lot of forts that practically qualify as castles. So here I am also including forts in america.





Hearst Castle - Also Known as San Simeon - Built as a palace home by the Newspaper Magnate William Randolph Hearst. It is now an amazing museum of art and architecture. Hearst Castle



Winnekenni Castle - This is a cute little castle located in Haverhill Massachusetts. It is almost 150 years old and has endured a lot. Yet it still remains. It now hosts functions, weddings and the occasional car show. I took a trip to it and you can learn more, see more pictures here: Winnekenni Castle




LuckNow Castle in New Hampshire - Also Known as "The Castle in the Clouds"

It's an interesting little castle nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire and just about 100 years old. I have visited and have some pictures and more information right here: LuckNow Castle



Belcourt Castle in Newport, RI - One of those gorgeous mansion castles along Bellevue avenue in Newport. And it has some interesting stories of objects inside that are haunted, like a suit of armor and a statue. Belcourt Castle




Medieval castle in MichiganA Man Builds his own castle in Michigan - You don't have to buy a castle. You could build one! That's exactly what this couple in Michigan did! He sent me a terrific description of the how and why. Of course it has octagonal rooms and a spiral staircase! There is a youtube video also. A Medieval Castle in Michigan




Gillette Castle - A very peculiar castle perched on the bank of the Connecticut River. Mr Gillette made his wealth performing Sherlock Holmes in theather in the 19th Century. See a video and more pictures of Gillette Castle





Kimball CastleA look inside Kimball Castle - This is an old and run down castle in New Hampshire. It is purported to be haunted and it looks like people have events or halloween parties in it. There are some interesting archictural things about this castle including a beautiful atrium skylight. Kimball Castle I have pictures of the outside and inside.




Lion and Drawbridge

A look inside a real New England Medieval Castle. I took a trip to Hammond castle. This is a Gothic Castle with an amazing history and some wonderful stuff inside. Pictures and More.. Inside a Medieval Castle





Fort Monroe - In Virgina

Up until just a few years ago this Civil War era stone fortress was still being used by the Military. A lot of wonderful history in this Fort. Fort Monroe


























































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