Castles For Sale

Yes, that's right. You can buy a castle if you have the gold coin for it! LOL. Here on this page I keep a list of various castles around the world that are for sale. Kind of a fun project and a guy can dream can't he? If you are affiliated with a castle that is for sale, or if you are a realtor that has an offering that should go here you can send me an email and tell me all about it. I would love to add it to this page! ( )

Sheriff Hutton Castel is near York and for Sale. It is a ruins. The asking price is 1.1 million pounds.




Chateau De Vigny - The Asking Price of this French Castle is 5.7 Million Euros. I have more about this castle here

It is a Renaissance Style Troubadour Castle that was originally built in 1504. It passed through many ownerships and by the 19th century it had fallen into ruins. But has been restored in a Gothic Revival Style. The castle itself has 37,000 square feet of space and it is located on about 44 acres of land which includes a moat, a 19th century chapel, a bakery and a professional kitchen.



Zillow has a group of castles for sale in the United States

They have a great listing of castles on their blog right here. And they range in price from 695k for more of a Victorian in Nebraska to 8.85 Million for an impressive stone castle in Connecticut.


Idaho Castle for Sale

We always think of castles as being very old and that is what makes it a "Castle". But this really isn't true. What makes it a castle is the shape of it, the size of it, the materials of it and the way it was made. So.... with that in mind we come to realize that maybe castles are still being made. And yup! They sure are. There is a company in Idaho (Castle Magic) that still makes beautiful castles. OMG, this just gets me all worked up. And on their website they have a listing for a castle that is for sale. I have a google map for you at the bottom of this page. It is located on the same mountain as a ski resort which is kind of neat but this King don't ski! LOL

It is quite beatuful and as far as I can tell it is about 5,000 square feet which includes an 800 square foot garage. You want to see a modern built, yet real, castle? Check out the listing on the Castle magic website right here: Castle for Sale


I call this Castle "Camelot"

That isn't the real name of the castle but it feels like a good fit because this is a whole package. You get the castle, the walls, an amphitheatre and even a sword in the stone. They have it all laid out on the website including pictures and drawings. The Modern Camelot Castle.


Chateau de Montbrun

This is a spectacular castle in France for sale. And the current listed price is 20.5 million Euros. So, in dollars that would be around 28 million US Dollars! It was built in 1179 and it is not just a castle but a full estate. It comes with about 500 acres of land and all the accoutrements a modern day king could want. If you are a fan of castles (and big dreams) you have got to check it out right here. It has it's own website.

Castles In East Germany for Sale

Here is a page that I have with several castles in East Germany that are for sale. These are fixer uppers but wow do they have potential. I include pictures. Castles in East Germany for Sale
















































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