Castles of the World (Interactive Google Map)

Here you can explore the world for castles. Each icon is clickable. It will bring up an information box telling you more about the castle. And all the normal google map tools are available. You can use your mouse wheel to zoom in on the map. For example if you are interested in the castles from one particular country you can zoom in on that country. And you can click/hold and drag the map around.

<<<For each of the castles on the map you can click on the icon and an information window will pop up. It will give you an overview of the castle, a picture and a link to more information about it.


And some castles are close together geographically. So zooming in will give them separation.




Current count of castles on the map: 104

Have you visited a castle that is not on this map? Do you have pictures? Send me an email!!! I would love to add it this this map.



Castles of the World

Palatial structures set in the tranquil green countryside or austere strongholds atop unassailable crags, the castles of the world - so often marked by extravagant architecture, enormous parks, richly furnished rooms, turbulent histories and an aura




Castles and Palaces of Europe

The most beautiful and important castles and palaces of Europe are presented here in a single volume. 240 color illustrations and high-quality photographs, along with background information, historical facts, and entertaining anecdotes, make this is an indispensable reference for lovers of architecture and history alike.



Castles and Fortresses

So you thought a man's home was his castle, eh? In fact, it was more likely to have been his fortress. Built as military strongholds by noblemen to protect against enemy invaders and rebellious citizenry, early castles of the 9th century were cold, dark stone bastions. It wasn't until the 15th century that castles began functioning as more lavish living quarters--increasing in size and interior ornamentation. Robbin Oggins's sampling of castles, as well as palaces and castle ruins, makes for an engaging picture book for travelers wishing to explore an era when monarchs ruled and feudalism comprised the economic and social order.

Covering Europe during the Middle Ages, Castles and Fortresses opens with a compact but informative chapter on the evolution of the castle. The book then chronicles the political histories of Europe's various regions and how castles formed according to their military needs. Though the text is a bit general, the book's large color photographs speak volumes. The pictures are bright and crisp, shot from wide and aerial angles, capturing the majesty of these fabled, architectural masterpieces and the lovely scenery surrounding them. Among the more renowned castles featured are the Warwick Castle in England, Chateau Chinon in France, Neuschwanstein in Germany, and Miramar Castle in Italy. Brief coverage is given to western Asia (the Kremlin in Moscow, for example) and North America. A glossary and bibliography are also included. --Karen Karleski


The History of Castles

Christopher Gravett has given us a fascinating look into how castles were built around the world, and why, in this major book. Floor plans and construction details of many castles are included, along with the stories of military campaigns waged to lay siege to and destroy them. For students or history and architecture this is a landmark book. Includes 200 full-color photographs, 30 recontructions, glossary, and 70 detailed maps.



Paper Castles

Schreiber-Bogen Hohensalzburg Castle Card Model

This is the exact kit that I bought.




Schreiber-Bogen Wartburg Castle Card Model





Schreiber-Bogen Medieval Town Hall Card Model

This is an inexpensive but qualilty card model. If you are new to this kind of paper castle building this would be a great one to start with. It's not too complicated.




Schreiber-Bogen Medieval Castle Card Model

A castle is a defensive structure seen as one of the main symbols of the Middle Ages. The term has a history of scholarly debate surrounding its exact meaning, but it is usually regarded as being distinct from the general terms fort or fortress in that it describes a residence of a monarch or noble and commands a specific defensive territory. Roman forts and hill forts were the main antecedents of castles throughout Europe, which emerged in the 9th century in the Carolingian Empire. The advent of cannon and gunpowder in the mid 13th century changed the needs of warfare in Europe, limiting the effectiveness of the castle and leading to the rise of the fort. Tools needed to complete construction: mid-sized scissors, modeling knife, water-based glue, ruler or triangle, and modeling pins. Tools Not Included.


Castles to cut out and put together Castles to Cut Out and Put Together

The Tower of London, and King Richard the LionHeart's Chateau Gaillard are here to assemble. Their tales are told and beautifully illustrated.




A Medieval Castle out of paper Cut & Assemble a Medieval Castle: A Full-Color Model of Caernarvon Castle in Wales

Authentic full-color replica of Caernarvon Castle built in Wales (ca. 1285-1322) comes with complete instructions for cutting, folding and assembling parts. Includes historical text.




Schreiber Bogen Makes a whole lot of quality paper castles and other paper models. You can check them out right here on Schreiber Bogen Paper Castles and More on



















































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