Castle Vacations

Have you ever dreamed of taking a vacation in a castle?

4 European Castles that offer Bed and Breakfast accommodations - If you are going to dream then dream big! Stay in a real castle

The Paradores of Spain The 90 Paradors in Spain offer a rare combination of features that will captivate any traveler. The enthralling architecture, fascinating history, exquisite cuisine, delightful ambience and impeccable service - are unmatched. The Paradors are repositories of the romance and passion that is the history of Spain. These special places literally exude the ancient perfume of Spain's majesty and mystery. Touring through the Paradors of Spain is 'cultural tourism' at it's best - and a giant step above the usual tourist experience.

Loire Valley Castles - vacations in the castles of the Loire valley in France.



















































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