Castle Timeline


This is a timeline of castles. I have included a few different things including some general timeline information that pertains to castles in general and I have also included dates that were important to particular castles. This includes when some of the more famous ones were built and when they were sieged or destroyed. For some of these events I have an article or more information. It will have a link in it.

The Timeline


  • 9th century - this is when castles as we define them started , They were typically of the Motte and Bailey type
  • 1067 Chepstow Castle was built ( I have an article and floorplan of this castle right here)
  • 1068 Warwick Castle was built
  • 1070's The wood of the tower of london began being replaced with stone
  • 1078 The Tower of London was completed
  • 1080 Windsor Castle, Cardiff Castle
  • 1188 Salidin used Siege machines to toss 600 lb stone rocks in the siege of the castle of Saone
  • 1096 Alnwick Castle begun These were the early parts of the castle - It was further improved over the centuries
  • 1173 Trim Castle was built
  • 1174 The Battle of Alnwick
  • c. 1200 Restormel Castle is built - Great example of a shell keep
  • 1203-1204 Richard the LionHeart Castle "Chateau Gaillard" was sieged and taken
  • 1268 Work on Caerphilly Castle was begun
  • 1271 the Famous Krak des Chevaliers was sieged and taken
  • 1277-1307 King Edward builds a series of castles called "The Iron Ring"
  • 1277 Flint Castle
  • 1283 Harlech Castle begun
  • 1294 The first siege of Harlech Castle
  • 1295 Beaumaris Castle
  • 1330's Artillery cannons were starting to see use, this marked the beginning of the end for castles
  • 1385 Bodiam Castle
  • 1441 The building of Herestmonceux Castle. This is significant because it was one of the first castles built with brick rather than stone.
  • 1464 Bamburgh Castle sieged by artillery and falls
  • 1468 Harlech Castle sieged and fell during the War of the Roses
  • 1547 At the siege of Saint Andrews Castle in Scotland attackers dug an underground mine. The defenders built their own mine and the two mines met where an underground battle pursued.
  • 1573 The fall of Edinbugh Castle
  • 1647 The final siege and surrendeer of Harlech Castle
  • 1746 Blair Castle is sieged. This is the last siege of a castle in Britain


Timeline of Castle Building

This is an overview of how castles developed and changed over the centuries. I also have a more in-depth article about these castle developments including pictures right here: The Types of Castles

  • 10th -12th Centuries - Motte and Bailey Castles were the castle of the period and they were quite prolific. It is believed that as many as 500 were built during this time. These early types of castles were typically mounds of earth surrounded by wooden stockades
  • 11th Century - architectural and engineering advances saw the beginnings of stone castles or keeps
  • 11th-12th Centuries - This is the period of the Rectangular keep. We much think of this when we think of castles. Often an older motte and bailey structure had its central building replaced by a stone keep.
  • 13th Century - The shell keep - This is a total stone structure that much resembles the wooden motte and bailey. It would have a stone keep in the center and a stone wall surrounding it.
  • 13th-14th Centuries - The Concentric Circle Castle - This is the very end of the Medieval Castle period. They reached their zenith with the building of concentric circle castles but by the end of the 14th century the castle building period was coming to a close.
  • 14th - 16th Centuries - The Palace and Royal Quarters castle - The typical medieval fortress type defensive structure was no longer being built with defense in mind but similar structures were still being built more as the residence of royalty.

































































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