Castle Stamps

I just recently restarted the hobby of collecting stamps. It was something that I did many years ago and it has been a joy to return to the hobby. But this time around there are some wonderful changes and additions to my collecting.

There is a whole philosophy of stamp collecting called "Topicals". This is where you collect stamps based around a particular subject or topic. And well.. you probably can guess that I have started collecting stamps based on castles! Yes, it is a wonderful topical.

I just recently went to a stamp show and I found a whole bunch of castle stamps that were very inexpensive.

If you are interested in stamp collecting I have a new section of my website right here: Stamp Collecting


Castle Stamps

Just about every country that has castles has issued some wonderful castle stamps. It is of course something to be proud of! Here are some close up pictures.

This stamp on a block is particularly beautiful and it shows a bridge between castles across continents. Quite a wonderful concept.


These three are from a set of four. I couldn't find the fourth one. But I do love these stamps. Over sized and cleanly beautiful. They show Edinburgh Castle, Carrickfergus Castle and Windsor Castle.


Here are three Japanese stamps of castles.

And here are a variety stamps from different countries ubckydubg Germany, Luxembourg, Lichtenstein and Belgium.

And here is Morocco and France.
















































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