Cardiff Castle

This is a beautiful rectangular walled in castle. And inside the walled in section is the Stone keep that you see in the first picture.

It is an overall magnificent tourist attraction that has been upgraded and improved over the centuries.

Cardiff castle has just about everything you could want when it comes to visiting a castle. This is one of the premiere castle tourist destinations in the country. And it covers the whole span of castle building centuries from the Norman shell keep you see in the first picture to a gothic revival mansion. There is a large trebuchet on site, you can walk on top of the battlements, visit the clock tower and visit the museum. Overall if you plan on visiting a castle in Wales this is on your must visit list.

Be sure to visit the official cardiff castle website to learn more and see how much there is to do .

The Norman Shell Keep

This second picture shows the main gates that you pass through to get into the castle grounds.

Plan of the castle in the 21st century

A - North Gate
B - motte and shell keep
C - outer bailey
D - main lodgings
E - inner bailey;
F - the Clock Tower
G - the Black Tower
H - South Gate and barbican tower

Floor plan of Cardiff Castle

Here is a Google Earth view of the Castle Grounds. Here you can see the wonderful rectangular enclosure of the walls. The main gates on the North, South and West. And that beautiful eight sided shell keep on a motte (mound) with the channel for the moat around it.

Explore the Castle grounds with the Google Map
















































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