Can you identify this castle?

I got an interesting email from a web visitor (Jeffrey) who lives in the Netherlands. He is looking for information and an identification of this castle.

Can you help? Do you recognize this castle? If so then send me an email:


He tells us an interesting story about it:

I took a look at Burg Wernberg and indeed it looks quite similar. I don't know if the topography matches well, however.

In the painting, it appears that the castle is on a lake (or at least a large bend in a river). And there are mountains visible in the background, which lead me to believe perhaps it is in the Bavarian Tyrol? In any case, the painting was created in 1873 and is the work of a rather unknown American artist by the name of Harry Chase.
The painting was a wedding gift and was created when Harry was only 20 years old and while he was studying at the Royal Bavarian Academy of the Fine Arts in Munich. I have been researching the life and work of Harry Chase for over 11 years now and have written a comprehensive biography that I am currently editing. Hope to go to publication some day. This painting is a very early work. Harry was better known for his many marine paintings during the 1880s. Harry is indeed a family member, a distant cousin of mine.



































































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