Caerphilly Castle

This is a Concentric Medieval Fortress. It is a stunning example of Medieval Architecture designed for defense. (Wales)

If you are interested in the subject of castles that were actually built and designed for fortification this is one you should learn more about.

Bulding of the castle was started in 1268 and it was funded by Gilbert de Clare, The Earl of Gloucester and Hertford.

Here on this page I have pictures of the outside areas of the castle. But I also have a whole lot of pictures of the various inside areas. You can check them out here: Inside Caerphilly Castle.

Caerphilly Castle is a tourist site where visitors are welcome. And they are open year round with very few closed days.


Caerphilly Castle over head view

By Cadw [OGL], via Wikimedia Commons


Caerphilly castle long view





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