Caernarvon Castle Paper Diorama

I really lover paper projects. And I love castles so it is a whole lot of fun for me to do a paper castle. I have a whole lot of these types of projects and even have some that I have made from scratch. This one is a nice little paper project that comes in a booklet. You cut all the pieces out and put the castle together. I also have a video for this project which includes a stop motion animation and a time lapse of the build.

I went the extra mile with this one and created a diorama type base for it. Here is a picture of the complete project. It's just a piece of foamboard that is painted and has some texture. You do have to be careful with the foamboard because it will curl a bit because of the paint.



To do this project you just need a few materials like scissors, or a razor knife/xacto knife and some glue. A few other things that would help include a straight edge or ruler and some kind of a tool for burnishing. something like a pencil or chopstick works well as a burnishing tool. This is to evenly press down on the parts after you have glued them together.

The picture below shows how I added a base to the castle. Just glue the castle down then go ahead and paint it. Some blue for water, brown for paths and then I will paint the green on and sprinkle texture onto the green. The texure is a standard terrain making texture. You can get it on here:


Painting the base of the diorama



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The Video




Cut & Assemble a Medieval Castle: A Full-Color Model of Caernarvon Castle in Wales

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