Own a real medieval castle

Sure, I am just dreaming but wow. Can you imagine what it would be like to live in a real medieval castle? This one, set in the Austrian Alps is for sale at almost 4 million dollars.

Read more about it on the official realtor site here: Medieval castle for sale There are also more pictures of both the inside and the outside.

It was built around 1268 and has had quite a remarkable history. 60 or so rooms and 12 guest rooms! Can you imagine living in something like this? A guy can dream can't he? I wonder if it is haunted?

One peculiar thing about the real estate listing is that it doesn't mention anything about how many bathrooms! Makes you wonder!!

Interesting Trivia: The chapel inside was twice consecrated by bishops who later went on to be popes.

Where did I put my checkbook?



































































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