Bran Castle

Known as Dracula's Castle although dracula is a fictitious character in the Bram Stoker Book. Scholars pose that Stoker did base the castle in the book on this castle but this is only speculation and not possible to confirm.

Nonetheless the moniker stands and the castle, even with the spooky connotation, is probably one of the most beautiful in the world.

This castle is located in Romania near the city of Bran. And it's history goes back to the year 1212 when Tuetonic Knights built the wooden castle of Dietrichstein. This castle was destroyed 30 years later. And Louis the I of Hungary issued an act to build the stone castle of Bran in 1377.

It is located at Bran Gorge which is a strategic location both for trade and military applications. It was a defense against the Ottoman empire and later as a customs post.

The castle, over the centuries changed hands many times being owned by various Hungarian Kings, the city of Brasov, the princess Ileana and finally now in 2009 by Archduke Dominic von Habsburg who is the son and heir of Ileana.

The castle is open to visitors year round but their hours do change with the seasons so check their website if you are going to visit. And like many beautiful castles they do offer services such as event hosting, private events and photo shoots. The castle has been refurbished and is now the only privately owned museum of the country and it is open to the public.






















































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