Boldt Castle

Every castle has a story. And this one is no different. With this castle com es a tale of love and loss.

Boldt began construction of this castle for his wife. When she died his grieving was so deep that he stopped all construction of the castle and never returned to it.

This castle is situated on an island in Alexandria bay which is the waterway between New York and Canada. It is also referred to as the thousand island. This is because it actually has more than a thousand islands!

To get to the island and the castle you have to take a ferry boat. There are a couple of different services. I took a ferry from a company called Uncle Sam's Boat Tours. And the name of the island is Heart Island.

Once you arrive at the island you are free to roam the entire island and much of the inside of the castle. Ferry boats depart every 30 minutes. So, take your time, enjoy the island and then take the next ferry back when you are done. I believe they also have guided tours.


























































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