The Biltmore

An extremely lavish and large baronial mansion on ten square miles of beautifully manicured lands and gardens.

You can visit the official Biltmore website here

The Castle/Mansion itself is of course beautiful but for me one of the really unique and different things about the Biltmore is the drive up to it. You attain access via a big beautiful stone gate. It is a gatehouse just as they had in medieval times. So you drive through that gatehouse then you have two miles of slow and comfortable driving that winds around and curves a lot. And all along this route are beautiful natural sights to see like plenty of North Carolina forest and trees. But also brooks, bamboo patches, flower patches, ponds and more. This drive to the castle, then later away from the castle was a real treat.

As far as the castle itself goes. It was more than you can expect as a lavish baronial mansion from an era gone by. You get to walk through many rooms to see how the super wealthy lived a hundred years ago. And for me some of the more interesting stuff was all the various stuff related to the servants. You get to see the laundry, the servants bedrooms, the pantries and more.

Your self guided tour takes you from the first floor up to the second floor then down into the basement where they have a nice display of various aspects of the castle and how it was built. A visit to Biltmore makes for a nice afternoon.

And after you visit the castle you should walk the garden grounds. It has got to be a square mile of very well cared for and well thought out gardens including a Conservatory which is a turn of the century greenhouse with lots of exotic plants and flowers inside.

And, the Biltmore is a hotel so you can book yourself a night there too. There is also a very nice section of the estate with shopping and a variety of dining options. I ended up eating in a place that was much like a pub with live music and hearty food.






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