Belcourt Castle


Belcourt Castle is a beautiful castle in Newport Rhode Island. It is located in an area of the city that has a whole lot of big castles and mansions such as the world famous Breakers mansion, Rosecliff, The Elms and Marble House.

Belcourt is built in the style of the 17th Century French mansions and it is open to the public. It also has a history of haunted happenings. They have a tour they call the Ghost tour.

You can visit the official website here

Regrettably they don't allow pictures inside the castle so I could only take a few outdoor shots. This is a picture of the front of the castle looking through the main gates.

Update: Recently this castle went up for sale. Not sure if it is still for sale but there is a youtube video advertising it. You can watch the video at the bottom of this page.


The castle itself is quite wonderful and there are some amazing things inside. Among them is some seriously beautiful interior woodwork and furniture. This stuff is typical 17th century hardwood and all hand carved. And the most magnificent thing inside the castle is the grand ballroom. It is very large with twenty foot high ceilings. It is very much in the style of a cathedral and all along one wall there are stained glass windows. The whole tour is worth it just to see this room. On one end of the ballroom is a series of sets of armor and on the other end is a very large fireplace above which is a replica of a french castle. I wish I could have taken a picture of that.

The owner of the castle (and tour guide) said that the castle is a replica of a castle in the Loire valley in France. And I am sure I have seen it before. Just can't remember which one it is.

There are some stories of haunted things in the castle and some peculiar goings-on. But nothing really substantial. There is a story of a grandfather clock that chimed the stroke of midnight yet hadn't been wound in twenty years. There are also stories of apparations and unexplicable sounds. I think that any building like this, that's been around this long, tends to accumulate stories like that.

Anyhoo, It's a beautiful old castle (old as far as America is concerned) and it is well worth the trip to Newport to see it. You might want to sign up for one of the ghost tours that take place in the late afternoon. That way you can spend time at the Newport beaches or one of the other mansions and finish off the day at the ghost tour.

The front of the castle

Statue out front

The courtyard



















































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