Bannerman Castle

Interesting structure situated on a small island in the Hudson River. And, you can take a ferry boat out to it for an official tour which is a bit unique and kind of nice.

If you would like to take the ferry and visit the castle/island here is the official website for it: Bannerman Castle Trust

Technically it really isn't a castle. It was built as a warehouse to store military munitions. But it was designed and built specifically to be a sort of castle and to look like a castle. It was the victim of a munitions explosion and a fire so only a partial shell of it remains. Nonetheless it does make for an interesting half day to take the ferry boat out to it.

Bannerman Castle


Bannerman Castle


The ferry to Bannerman Castle


Remains of Bannerman Castle


This next picture shows the living quarters that the Bannerman family stayed at on the island. It too was severely damaged by an explosion and it is currently being restored.

The living quarters


Here is a picture of one of the design drawings made by Bannerman himself.



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