Bamburgh Castle

This castle is the royal seat of the kings of Northumbria and a fantastic stone fortress.

The first wooden stronghold was erected on the site in the 6th century.

This castles website is the best of them all. And it befits the castle which has a long history replete with stories, legends and ghosts.


Bamburgh castle

GHOSTS of the Castle

The castle has the reputation of having ghosts and television shows have been devoted to this aspect of it. The legends of the castle ghosts include the Pink Lady who is the castles most famous ghost and it is the story of a broken-hearted princess in a pink dress threw herself from the tallest batllements in the castle.

The Bamburgh Sword

Another interesting thing to come from this castle is a sword that was excavated in 1960. It is called the Bamburgh sword and it is unique and rare. It dates back to th seventh century and it is a pattern welded sword (often referred to as "Damascus steel". The thing about it is the only sword from that time to have been made from six bars of iron welded together whereas no other blade was made of more than four welded together. It is a one of a kind sword from the time period and it is thought that a smith would have taken about two months to make it.

Here is the floor plan of the castle.































































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