Auerbach Castle

A castle that was originally built by Charlemagne and rebuilt in the 13th century. It has a triangular keep and an encircling wall.


They have functions and events at the castle including re-enactments and weddings. The site also has a cafe.


Auerbacher Schloss 11


The Castles of Ludwig II

The three legendary structures conceived by King Ludwig II are showcased in this photographic exploration. Documenting what was revered as his dream home, the study delves into the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle, from the foundations being laid to the eventual completion of its great hall. His creations at Schloss Linderhof-the only castle to be finished-and Schloss Herrenchiemsee are also chronicled, capturing their evolution in a stylish array of images. Revealing the inspiration behind these masterly works, this consideration reflects on the subject's renowned passion for building, love of art and music, and turbulent life.
















































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