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I just recently returned from a trip to Ireland and I visited a lot of castles while I was there. Regrettably I couldn't get to all of them! LOL! That would take a year because there are a whole lot of them in Ireland. Here is an example of a really wonderful castle that I didn't get a chance to visit. I got an email from a manager over at the castle and it got me to thinking about it. They recently upgraded this castle with a 4 million Euro state of the art visitor center. Dang I missed it! Anyway, if you are visiting the castles in Ireland you might want to put this one on your list!

Athlone is the 'Gateway to Connaught' and situated on the banks of the River Shannon by the natural ford in the water which made this the perfect strategic location for the stronghold. Also, the gallery is across the road, a separate venue, but managed by the same organization. FYI.

The 1690/1691 Siege of Athlone, where the celebrated Jacobite soldiers fought to defend the castle from the Williamite attackers is highlighted in our interpretive centre featuring a 360º cinematic reenactment experience. I

This castle, as many, has a very long history. It was first built in the 13th century as a timber fort. And over the centuries it has gone through many changes, upgrades and renovations including the addition of artillery during the Napoleonic Era. And I guess we could say that the latest renovation (with the new visitor center) has brought it into the High Tech multi media era.

The castle has a vibrant and active calender of events. You can learn more about it on their facebook page here: Athlone Art and Heritage . You can also learn more about the castle on the website here

The Castle Also Has a wonderful Gallery called the Luan Gallery.


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And the Athlone Arts and Heritage society has a wonderfully active series of cultural and artistic events like this Medieval Faire. You can see more pics on their facebook page here

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