Arundel Castle

This is a thousand year old castle with a long military history. During the Civil War 1642-45 it was badly damaged and twice besieged. Today it is a vibrant place with

a long series of events taking place every years.




The Castle is only open for a portion of the year typically from April through October. And they have a wonderful full schedule of events and exhibitions throughout their season. These events include jousts, re-enactments, automobile shows, a tulip show and much more. The castle and the gardens are vibrantly alive with events. If you are a fan of gardens there are some special treats here in the gardens. They have rose gardens, herbaceous gardens, a glass garden and much more. The gardens are a vibrant part of this castles life.

The castle itself has an amazing collection of 16th century furniture, tapestries, clocks, portraits and more. And even some possessions of Mary Queen of Scots.






















































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