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  • About Binchester Roman Fort in the U.K - This is an archaeological ruins of a Roman Fort that was in use around the First through Fifth Centuries.
  • Synonyms for Castle - There are a lot of different words for castles and their variations
  • The words around Barnard Castle - While researching Barnard Castle in the UK I discovered a wonderful little thing about words, names and places. The link takes you to my blog.
  • Kilkenny Castle - A wonderful castle in Ireland and it is now more of a 17th century manor house but still maintains some of its fortress-like roots.
  • Blarney Castle - Who hasn't heard of this castle? Pictures, information and more. I visited it but didn't actually kiss the blarney stone.
  • Malahide Castle - Fantastic castle on beautiful park grounds. I like the look of this castle. Little bit of a victorian feel to it.
  • Trim Castle - This is a Norman fortress with a spectacular keep right in the middle.
  • The Rock of Cashel - 1700 year old ruins that are still in great shape. Perched right on the top of a hilly upcroppping of limestone.
  • The Siege of Stirling Castle - This was called "The Great Siege" for good reason. It lasted four months and the attacking force used quite a few siege engines
  • The Ghosts of Chillingham Castle - There are some very creepy stories about this castle
  • Tintagel Castle - This is the Castle where it is rumored that King Arthur was born - if he existed!
  • Lucknow Castle - Well, its very small as far as castles go and it is only a hundred years old. This castle is nestled in the mountains of New Hampshire and is interesting nonetheless
  • The Citadel - An ancient (and magnificent) medieval fortress in Cairo Egypt
  • Kimball Castle - Photos of this old and abandoned castle in New Hampshire. I have photos of the inside and outside.
  • Hammond Castle - A medieval castle in New England
  • Harlech Castle - A prime example of the pinnacle of Castle Building. It was sieged many times. I have pictures, information and a floor plan.
  • Chepstow Castle - An interesting Castle built in a narrow shape. I have a floorplan for this.
  • Himeji Castle in Japan
  • Shuri Castle on Okinawa in Japan
  • A walk around Aydon Castle - This is a small castle located a mile away from Corbridge in Northunberland, UK. It is a well preserved 13th Century Manor House.
  • What is the difference between a Fort and a Castle?

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The History of CastlesThe History of Castles: Fortifications Around the World

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