Alnwick Castle

The Duke of Northumberland and his family still reside in part of the castle. And part of it is open to the public during the summer.
After Windsor castle it is the second largest castle in Britain still lived in.


Of particular note with this castle is the nearby gardens which houses such things as a poison garden and one of the largest treehouses in the world. The treehouse is an actual restaurant.

The garden and parts of the castle are open to the public during the summer.

The Castle and Garden also have a very vibrant social agenda with talks by speakers, dinners, and events like christmas and new year parties. You can also book weddings at the garden.



An 1870 Painting of the castle by Alexander Lydon.



Castles: A History of Fortified Structures: Ancient, Medieval & Modern

I own this book and love it. It's all about the history of fortresses and castles. It covers them throughout the centuries and all over the world. it has a whole of of blueprints and floor plans showing the layouts of many castles. And it shows you how various castles changed over the centuries. This is one of my favorite castle books. It takes a real look at the function of a fortress.


Stephen Biesty's Cross-sections Castle

More than one million copies sold worldwide — now revised and updated!
An intimate guide to the inside of a castle and the lives of its residents, this Stephen Biesty classic details the workings of a medieval fortress.


















































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