Man Builds his own Castle

If you are a fan of medieval castles like I am you might sometimes dream about what it would be like to buy one and live in it! I sure do. But there are always other options to buying one. You can build one yourself! And this is exactly what a man in Michigan has done. He built his very own castle.

There are probably some terrific benefits to this including that fact that he probably had cable tv and internet service put right in! Not too many old castles come with that! LOL

Anyway, He sent me a youtube video of his castle and I just had to ask him for more info. And sure enough within a couple of days he sent me some terrific information about his castle, why they made it and what some of the features are. His comments are just below the picture. And if you want to get a better look you can check out the youtube video right here.

Here is what he has to say:

My wife and I wanted to build a house that was exactly the way we wanted it.  We discussed that many young children fantasize about living in a castle, so we figured why should we settle for less when we were only going to be limited by our imagination. 

 We wanted something unique, so we made sure there were round rooms and octagonal rooms.  I wanted crenellated walls, a center tower, and symmetry.  My wife wanted a turret, and something that was not "too" castle-like.  So, we decided to place bilateral octagonal rooms with turrets, and bilateral round rooms with a center tower in the front.  I thought it would be neat if we could actually walk out onto the crenellated areas as a patio, so we have 2 in the front and 2 in the back of the 2nd floor. 

The top of the center tower measures more than 40 feet from the ground.  The castle measures 100 feet across.  It has 5500 square feet of living space, plus 2 3-car garages.  The siding is multi-tone grey vinyl, and we intend to place stone on the octogons, rounds, back porch, and on the front door area.  The front door is 10-foot tall (homemade), and most of the other doors in the house are homemade.  There are only 2 rooms in the house that have 4 straight walls, and these are in the center of the house. 

My wife wanted at least 1 curved staircase and a spiral one.  The staircases have ornate wrought iron railings, and the catwalk to the master bedroom has the same ornate wrought iron railing. The ceiling in the main living area is 18-foot tall, and is made of antique tin from an old hotel.  There is a game room that is 46-feet long that contains antique tin on it's walls and ceilings.  The interior decor is a mixture of medevial and Victorian.  The kingdom sits on 11 acres of hardwoods with a stream and a pond.  I am still trying to convince my wife to let me dig a moat.






















































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