Is there a Medieval Castle in Antarctica?

I was watching a science news channel when this came up. The big questions was about what is it? Is it a Natural formation or something man-made?

I try not to be too much of a sensationalist when it comes to my website but this formation did strike me pretty strongly. It sure does look like the ruins of a medieval castle! Now, we do have that good old adage that "To a hammer every problem looks like a nail!" and I am all about medieval castles so maybe I am just seeing castles everywhere. I better check my toast very carefully this morning. Maybe there is the profile of a castle in the burnt and brown surface of the bread. LOL!

And maybe a microbiologist would look at this picture and see an enormous amoeba. It is very similar to the whole face on mars conspiracy. But I got to say, it sure does look like the footprint of a medieval castle!

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If you have Google Earth here are the coordinates so you can take a look yourself: 66°17'10.5"S 100°29'07.8"E


Here is a look at where in Antarctica it is located:


If I were forced to make a determination I would have to go with this not being the ruins of a medieval castle but just for fun let's take a look at some floorplans.

Here is Kenilworth Castle:

And here is Oxford Castle

There are some similarities between the antarctic formation and the floor plan of a castle. The oval shape is a similarity and the concentric rings is another similarity. And on the outer ring, at almost every intersection, there is a distinct bulge which could be interpreted as the remains of a tower.

So how large is it?

The science show put the oval at 400 feet wide. Which is an appropriate size for a castle.

But the thing that leans me toward it being a natural formation is that I poked around in Google Earth some more. I searched areas around our "castle". And I found some other formations that are very similar. Let's take a look:

To the southwest is another one of these formations. And it is very similar.

And this one even has a gatehouse. The arrow shows the gatehouse.

So, while I would love for this to be castle I have to go with it being some kind of natural formation. Even though it would be fun to think about the fact that the world changes, the terrain changes and over the past several thousand years this area of antarctica might have been green and lush with vegetation. It is fun to imagine this was a place of power, a trading post kind of fortress on the northern shore of the continent.


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