The Amber Fort

The Amber fort is a remarkable sight seeing attraction. They have it pretty well thought out and it is very tourist oriented. But in a pretty good way. First off you get a wonderful view of the castle from across a small lake. This is where the tour buses stop and disembark (First picture) . Then you take a brief walk up to where the elephant rides are. The walk up to the castle is a bit of a climb so elephant rides are perfect for this (second picture). And once inside you discover a lot of freedom to roam around and discover the layout and the architecture which is a wonderful blend of traditional European fortress and medieval Indian flair (remaining pictures)

(The Amber fort first view from across the lake)

(Elephant rides from this courtyard up to the castle)

In this picture we are in the castle looking back across the lake. You can make out the parking lot where the first picture above was taken. You can also see some beautiful gardens.

Some of the beautiful work in an inner courtyard. You don't see this kind of thing in a European castle.



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